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E-Pro Buster Group

Enriching Innovation

We drive innovation to help build a better community. Our products range from household to commercial used, to bring solution to your problems. Our team Madrasah Idrisiah Innovation Centre (MIDIC) emphasises innovation with advance technology to bring solution to your problem.

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E-Pro Buster Group

What We Do

Founded in September 2014 and headquartered in Madrasah Idrisiah Kuala Kangsar, the EPB Group originated from its innovation unit, the Madrasah Idrisiah Innovation Center (MIDIC). The EPB Group specializes in providing innovative solutions for agriculture and healthcare through dedicated research efforts.
One of the EPB Group's flagship products is the "E-Pro Buster" (EPB), initially conceptualized in response to the need for safeguarding crops and livestock from predators and pests. The groundbreaking development of an artificial predator pee repellent took place in 2015, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the MIDIC team led by its Innovation Catalyst, Syed Muhammad Azhan bin Syed Hassan.
With the introduction of EPB, the group embarked on an innovative journey, participating in domestic and global competitions, ultimately earning five prestigious awards. EPB has since evolved into the world's leading pest repellent. Over the years, the EPB Group has expanded its market footprint, reaching neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Thailand.
Continuing their commitment to innovation, the EPB Group has introduced various breakthrough products, including E-Micro Buster, E-Black Buster, E-Micro Madid, Mimya Pallet, E-2B, and many others. All of these offerings are organic and chemical-free, catering to a wide range of needs, from household to commercial and industrial applications.
Syed Muhammad Azhan (2015), "E-Pro Buster," Madrasah Idrisiah Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, Perak

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