E-Pro Buster (EPB) is a predator repellent formulated with solutions that resembles 99% tiger urine odor. It was developed with the concept of pee territorial, used by tigers either to hunt and trap animal or prevent animals from entering its territory.

epm 80gm_edited.png

E-Pro Buster (Gel)

80 gm

The market's one and only artificial predator pee repellant. E-Pro Buster emit a tiger urine-like odor that is 99 percent authentic . The scent serves as a deterrent to other predators by indicating its territory. E-Pro Buster can be used for protecting livestock and crops at your farm, as well as in home and stores usages. Repel away monkeys, wild boars, snakes, rats, dogs and lizards with the use of E-Pro Buster.

epm 100 ml_edited_edited.png

E-Pro Buster (Spray)

100 ML

With the same principle as E-Pro Buster, we've expanded its production that include a spray version that's easy to carry. The E-Pro Buster Spray is ideal for campers and hikers who would like to keep snakes and other predators away. The E-Pro Buster Spray is a much more concentrated solution that enhances the artificial tiger urine odour. To safeguard yourself, spray the E-Pro Buster solution surrounding area of your camp.

epb 1 liter.png

E-Pro Buster (Liquid)

1 litre

Introducing the all new version of the EPB which is the 1 litre pure EPB solution. Suitable for large agriculture farm areas. The 1 litre EPB Solution can be used with an agriculture spray pump by mixing the 1 litre EPB solution with an approximately 1 litre plain water and be sprayed across the farm. The solution coverage areas is an approximately of 20 feet that last for a month. Keep your livestock and crops safe with the EPB 1 litre solution.