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Your best pest solution! Through advance innovation breakthrough of microbes we'll provide you with the best agriculture solution for your crops and livestocks


"We strive to help the community bringing innovative solution to your crops, livestocks, pest and health issues"

About Us

Feel the Power

We drive innovation to help build a better community. Our products range from household to commercial used, to bring solution to your needs. Our team Madrasah Idrisiah Innovation Centre (MIDIC) emphasises innovation with advance technology to bring solution to your problem.


100% Organic

Our Innovative products are design and developed through advance research, collaboration with top brand institutes. We provide livestock feeds, pest repellent, organic pesticide, skin wash and soaps which all receive outstanding awards. Our Award-winning products are guaranteed effective and a ready to use right after purchase. Browse through our top quality products now.


Research and Devlopement

The Smart E-Pro Buster was designed to comply with the Industrial Revolution 4.0  needs. Using Internet of Thing  (IoT), the E-Pro Buster has move one step ahead in its classe with the use of technology in farming. Smart EPB enables, EPB repellent to be automated providing a smart ecosystem of farming


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